Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Weaver's Come to Texas!

Don, Jessica, and Shalynn came to visit us last week. It's been a fun-filled week with many adventures! We visited the Texas State History Museum in downtown Austin, saw the Congress Bridge bats, canoed down Town Lake, played games, and ate lots of food!

Town Lake from the Congress Bridge. We had a nice relaxing picnic in Zilker Park, then rented a canoe and took turns rowing up and down the river. It was fun! Mason was the only one that brought his swim suit, so he had a fun time swimming. Unfortunately, Jes fell in the river helping Mason out once, but since it was nearly 100 degrees, it was a welcomed cool off. Jes, Don, Shalynn, and Mason were taking the canoe back to the dock, and they decided to let Mason swim one last time in the middle of the river. When he was done, Don and Shalynn were leaning out of the canoe pulling Mason in and a oar fell out the other side. At the same time, they both went to grab it and WHOOSH! We all went flying into the river! Jes came out of the water and immediately looked for Mason who was still in the boat, floating away! He started crying when he realized he was all alone, but Jes and Don swam to him and swam the boat to the shore. Shalynn swam around and gathered all the oars! At the shore, in our attempt to get into the boat, we all fell in again! Then we sunk the canoe! We were able to get the canoe up and emptied and finally got it returned. Completely soaked, we returned the boat to the dock and handed them a wet 20 dollar bill for payment.

Ashlee, Shalynn, and Jes take a turn on the canoe! Ashlee's so excited!!!

Jes, Shalynn, and Mason return from a ride!

Mason taking a dip in the river.


Wendy said...

Can you teach me how to canoe? I haven't ever done it and I really want to!