Tuesday, April 27, 2010

McKenna Children's Museum

Lat week we had to treck down to New Braunfels to pick up Mason's new violin, so we decided to stop at the children's museum while we were there. It's usually not busy, however when we got there I realized a kindergarten field trip was visiting! AAHHH! It was packed!!! Luckily they all left about 15 minutes after we got there and then there were only 4 other families there with us. The kids love it! It was fun to see Victoria really interact with all the stuff. She is really turning into a little girl... not a baby anymore... sniff sniff!

I like how the apron goes all the way to her feet!

Victoria's hair is getting so long!


Most of the time I give Tori her bath in the sink. She is starting to get too big and it makes me sad. She is such a cutie!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Buda Wiener Dog Festival and Earth Day Festival

Wow, this Saturday was a busy day!
First, was the annual Wiener Dog Festival in downtown Buda! This is our third year attending and it's always entertaining.
This year, Mason tried to "bouncy thing" so he could do flips and super high jumps! He did GREAT!
After seeing all the Wiener Dogs, some races, and playing at the park, we headed to the San Marcos Aquarena Center for an Earth Day celebration. That's always a beautiful place to go, and the Earth Day exibits were fun and educational.

The race track...

Mason on the "bouncy thing".

Mason, mid-flip!

Tori and Mommy at the petty zoo. Her absolute FAVORITE was the bunnies. She LOVES bunnies. We found a bunny at our house a few weeks ago and we let it go in a bush in the front yard. Now everytime she walks by that bush, she yells "HI BUNNY!".
This goat was pretty crazed about the food and kept jumping on Ashlee. It was funny.

Someone's wiener dog dressup on a float....

Wiener's there each year...and each year we take a picture in front for some reason....

Mason petty a little turtle


The glass bottom boat tours...we did this a few years ago, so we didn't do it again.

Here's a video summary!
After this, we came home and Daddy set up swimming pools in the backyard, so the kids could was a long, fun day!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our Congressman - Lloyd Doggett (D)

Needless to say, we haven't supported Obama, or the healthcare overhaul, or pretty much anything Congress has done lately. We've attended protests, written letters, emails, made phone calls, etc... but today we finally had the chance to meet our current representative, Congressman Lloyd Doggett of the 25th District of Texas, consisting of most of Hays County and some surrounding areas.

First, we didn't really know we were actually going to meet him, we thought we were attending one of his speeches. Second, once we realized we would meet him, we didn't realize we would meet him and actually get a chance to discuss something with him. So we quickly had to think what we wanted to talk about...

We wanted to ask, "What will you do when you find yourself without a job in November?", but we reminded ourselves that this is a time for constraint and civility, even in disagreement.

So, we met him, had some general discussion about our family, jobs, etc., and then Jes basically asked him to look at our children and explain why they were bankrupting the government...
He went for the old, "the last 8 years" explanation, which is old news. That's like saying, because your parents got into a lot of debt, so should you. The conversation was a lot of key talking points on his part and he quickly changed the subject. Overall, though, it was fun.

It was a little intimidating. You are standing in front of a US Congressman, surrounded by police, protesters, his handlers, and people with video camera's (hopeful he'll say something stupid).

He was a nice man...but vote DONNA CAMPBELL this November!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mary Mary Quite Contrary...

How does your garden grow?

Well, mine is growing quite well actually!
We planted 3 boxes, each one 20 X 20; a berry strip, and 12 or 14 fruit trees! We have peaches, apples, pears, oranges, corn, carrots, all kinds of squash, pumpkins, tomatoes, red and green peppers, broccoli, peas, green beans, onions, strawberries and raspberries!!! Whoa! That's a lot of stuff!

Pretty Girl!

I just love this picture. She just looks so pretty! I love how her hair is getting so curly! She is such a sweet little girl. I love her to pieces!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tax season

When tax season rolls around Daddy will take all the help he can get... even from a 2 year old!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Aryah's colorful day

I had assumed when I saw the marker all over Aryah's face that it was Victoria that had done it to her. After I laughed, took a picture and washed it off I decided to ask Mason if he did it. He said no in that way that kids do and you know they are lying! Finally he confessed. I asked him why he would color on the baby's face and he said "I just thought it would be funny!"

Easter activity #3

Jes's boss Ray and his wife Melinda invited us over for Easter lunch, and of course another egg hunt!!! Their new house was beautiful and we had fun hanging out and eating!
Victoria, Lucy, Mason, Mom, Aryah and Brian

Egg hunt number 3. You would think this would be getting old by now...

Ray and Mason

Easter activity #2

April 4, Easter morning
We woke up to Mason coming into our room yelling "The bunny came and I saw 4 eggs already!!!" He was so excited, so we hurried and got up and went on an egg hunt!
Aryah with her first Easter basket!
6 months old
Trying to let Aryah in on some of the egg finding fun!

Mason and Victoria got sun glasses in their baskets! They were a hit!

Tori is such a Daddy's girl!

The Easter bunny had to color code the eggs so Mason wouldn't find all the easy ones. The pink, purple and yellow ones were Tori's and all the rest were Mason's. It worked out pretty well that way.

Victoria got a new dress in her basket!

Easter activity #1

On Saturday we went to the YMCA Easter celebration. They had and egg hunt, bounce house, face painting and a train ride. The kids had a great time, we of course had some complaints!

Mason gathering eggs

Victoria and the Easter bunny

Train ride

Ha! Mason looks so grumpy! I don't know why he was upset but I love the face he is making!

Victoria and Aryah

Victoria hunting eggs.
This is where our complaints came in. They had the hunts divided into age groups. Tori was in the 1 to 3 years old group. Naturally in this group there were parents helping the little ones. We saw parents loading up their 1 year old kids bucket till they overflowed with eggs, and all the while Tori got 3. Yes you heard right... 3 whole eggs. People are such jerks! When Mason saw Victoria only got 3 eggs he said he would share some of his with her. He can be so sweet sometimes!

Mason and Aryah

I had put Aryah in her room on her tummy time mat to play for a few minutes and when I came back to check on her I found Mason had laid down next to her and was reading her a story. He is so sweet. He has made it his personal mission to teach his sisters the alphabet! Tori is doing really well learning it from him!