Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Little bird

We have a nest of birds on our back porch. All summer we have been watching the little babies grow up! This is the second set we have had this year. 2 nights ago Jes found one of the babies on the driveway. It was unable to fly. We don't know if it was hurt or if it was just learning and couldn't quite figure it out. Either way, Jes picked it up and took it to the porch near the nest thinking the Mommy could find it easier and it would be protected under the porch. When we went out later, it was still wandering around on the porch. Jes decided to try and feed it a bug, and when he got close enough to give it to it, the little bird jumped right onto Jes' hand! It was so cute! We went and got Mason and let him hold it. He did a good job of being gentle. The bird was still on the porch the next morning, but was gone by the afternoon. I hope it figured out how to fly and is okay. Mason named it Victoria!

He insisted on having the bird sit on his shoulder!


Ali said...

That made me laugh. How cute is Mason with birdy Victoria!