Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jingle bells

Tori loves to sing Jingle bells, it is her new favorite song. She was clever enough to change the words to include her favorite character. She sings
"Tinkerbells, Tinkerbells, all the all the way!"

That's what they said, holiday edition!

On Thanksgiving as we sat around the table we each took a turn to say what we are thankful for. Mason said he was thankful that he got to go to Kindergarten at home, and that we got to eat this FEAST!!! (I wonder where he even heard the word feast!)

Victoria said she was thankful for.... MICKEY MOUSE CHICK MUGGETS! (aka: mickey mouse shaped chicken nuggets from Costco!) There was no hesitation, she knew exactly what she was thankful for!

I am thankful for them! I feel so lucky and blessed to be the mother to these 3 amazing kids. Jes says it's a cop out to say that's what I'm thankful for, but I truly am. I am also very thankful that Jes is my husband. I couldn't envision a better husband and father. Even when we fight, which isn't very often, it's short lived. He gives 100 % of himself to our family. I am so grateful for our marriage.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Doctor Pepper to the rescue!

Mason and Tori were arguing in the car, and had been for a while. I said "I am going to need a giant Dr. Pepper to get through this day". Mason said "Mom, me too! I feel just the same way!"

Ha! He cracks me up!

Monday, November 22, 2010

...and POOF I was naughty...

The other day Mason and Tori were playing. Mason did something to hurt Tori (a common occurance) and Tori started to cry. Ashlee started talking to Mason about this. She asked him, "Mason, why do you keep hurting your sister?"
Mason thought for a brief moment...then looked at Ashlee and said, "I don't know Mom. We're sitting here playing and being good and POOF I am naughty."
Ashlee, trying to hold back some laughter, asked him what he could do about that in the future. Mason responds, "How about next time, when I'm being good, and then the POOF happens (and then he makes a sucking in sound) I just suck it in."

We were content with that...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Aryah Eve turns 1,,, if you can believe it!

Aryah turned 1 on October 2. It seems like just yesterday we found out she was coming into our lives, and now she's already 1!!! She is such a fun little baby. She loves her brother and sister and tries to follow them around everywhere they go! She started walking at 10 months, so now she is pretty quick on her feet! She loves to snuggle, which is Mommies favorite thing! She can say Momma, Dadda, and What's that! It's really easy to make her laugh and smile. She loves to play with Daddy, he is super funny! She loves to eat applesauce but hates tomatoes!
Mason and Aryah with her new toy

Mason and Tori "helped" Ry open her gifts. Of course by help, I mean they did it for her...

We put the left over balloons from Mason's birthday in her crib and let her play. She loved it!

Beautiful Boy

Some people get mad at me because I tell Mason he is pretty...
But isn't he???
Love that kid!

Mason turnes 5!

Ok people, the end of the year is drawing nigh and I always make my blog into a book in January, SO I have to play a little catch up!
Mason had his birthday Sept. 25! It was really fun! We decided after last years huge WIPEOUT party to take it a little easier this year. We took him to gattytown and let him bring 2 friends instead of doing a big party. It cost about the same, and was way easier!
These pictures aren't in any order. Sorry!
Aryah playing with Mason's new toys
Opening presents. We had to start early because his birthday was also his first soccer game!

The night before we decorated the kitchen and his bedroom with about 80 balloons and streamers. He was outside playing and when he walked in he was so surprised! Way cute!

Mason and Kelsey at Gattytown

Jes, Shalynn and Aryah

Mason and Ethan at Gattytown

He loves spiderman!

Kelsey, Mason, Victoria, Ethan and some random kid!

ski ball at Gattytown

Victoria with Tim our next door neighbor and Kelsey's Grandpa. Our kids love him and his wife Cheryl!

He is surprisingly good at bowling!

roller coaster

Opening gifts.

Happy Birthday big boy! I can't believe you are already 5!