Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mount Bonnell and County Line

A few Saturday's ago, we decided to travel into Austin and spend some time outdoors. It was hot, but we did it anyway. We first went to County Line and had a yummy lunch, and then went to Mount Bonnell and ascended the steps to check out the view. It was a fun time!

View from the top!

Mason doing what he does best...

Shalynn enjoying the view!

Daddy, Aryah, and Mason at Mount Bonnell

Half way up the steps!

Mommy and Tori at County Line!

Shalynn and Mason

Mason got the camera and took this picture of us...

And he actually took this picture of the view as well!


Daddy and Mason decided to get a quick camping trip in before the summer ended. Mason had never really done an official "camping" trip with a tent and sleeping bag before, so he was very excited for this! We went to Guadalupe River State Park just North-west of San Antonio. We had a good time exploring paths, doing hikes, playing in the river, and eating lots of junk food! The public shower was full of large Daddy-Long-Leg spiders and Mason enjoyed playing with them (and he even made up a song that the whole bathroom got to enjoy).

We tried to rent Tube's and float down the river, but the place we went to was closed, so we decided to just swim and play. It was SO hot and Daddy had a hard time sleeping because it was so hot outside, but Mason did pretty good ontop of his sleeping bag. He did wake up around 6AM though.

We got to talk about the galaxy, the woods, skipping rocks, putting up a tent, and all sorts of fun boy things. Daddy did decide to take a short cut after it got dark last night to get us back to our tent (which was a bit scary), but we made it back okay! Mason kept yelling "Caution Daddy!" the whole way (something he learned from a 'caution' sign we saw).

Us on a hike...

The river we found.

Playing in the river.


Making marshmellows

A trail!

We found the river the first night and Mason was in hiking clothes...but he stripped down and jumped in anyway!

"Grasshopper Village"

Saturday, August 7, 2010

TEA Party - Texas Capitol

We attended another TEA Party at the Texas Capitol last weekend. This one was mostly focused on the Arizona Border Law that was recently partially struck-down by a judge. We only managed to get one picture, but this time Mason had a sign. At first he was a little shy to carry it around, but once people started giving him high-fives, thumbs-up, stickers, taking his picture, and basically making him the focus of their attention, he would walk up and down the rows of people holding the sign right in their face. It was funny.

Afterwards, we hiked up Lower Bull Creek and had a picnic next to the creek. It was a fun day!

Snake Farm - New Braunfels

For years now, each time we head South towards San Antonio, we pass this "Snake Farm" on the side of the freeway. Finally...we decided to go there.

It started out indoors with lots of snakes...and then went downhill. The outside part was like a mini-zoo. It had a petting zoo, which was so disgusting we didn't dare pet any animals, it was hot, and the animals were cramped in small cages (with exception to Turkeys and Roosters that were following us around).

Overall...I guess the kids had fun, but we won't be attending again.