Monday, February 23, 2009

Explore Texas Events - Upcoming!

A few people have commented about enjoying our "exploring Texas" posts. Some people have expressed interest in joining us, so we're posting a "rough draft" of our currently scheduled future events... Let us know if you want to come!

March 7th - Texas Independence Parade (10:30 AM) Downtown Austin (we went last year and it was fun).
March 14th - La Grange, TX - Cowboy Festival (see link...

March 29th - Capitol 10k. Jes is running in this.
April?? - Dallas maybe?
April 25th - Buda Weiner Dog Festival (we went last year and it was fun).
August - South Padre Island..

That's it so far...

Friday, February 20, 2009

That's what he said

Mason hasn't been all that funny lately, or maybe I have just been grumpy. The later is probably more accurate! He did however say a couple things today that made me laugh...

We pulled up to the park for playgroup and there were 2 landscape men putting new dirt around the trees. They were getting the dirt from a big load off a trailer. Mason yelled "Hey look! Those guys are digging for worms!"

Then just a few minutes ago I said "Hey Mason, I love you!" to which he replied "oh, I love you too booger!" He hasn't ever called me that before, I thought it was very funny! Jes didn't seem to think it was all that funny, so you be the judge!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

2009 Adventure #4 - Laredo, TX

First...those of you who have actually been to Laredo, TX are probably wondering WHY we actually picked Laredo, TX as one of your 2009 adventure destinations. A small border town with Mexico, it's mostly known for crime and drug wars...

While our adventures are mostly local, we decided to travel a little farther from home every other month. This adventure really had three fronts. First, we've never been to Laredo. Second, having low expectations, we decided to "wing" the trip and not plan anything. And, third, we decided to stay in a $27 hotel room (so we can financially keep doing these trips).

There were some ups:
Mason had a lot of fun (and so did Tori);
the hotel wasn't near as bad as we thought it would be (though crowded for us 4);
and Ashlee found some great deals while shopping (and spent all money we saved from the hotel);

and downs:

Jes getting mad and repeatidly yelling at everyone at airshow (and eventually running people over with the stroller);
the explosions scaring Mason at airshow (and making him scared the rest of the show);
and Mason dumping the entire glass of water on himself at the restaurant (and ate undressed the rest of the time).

We went to the Exploratorium at the Mall de Norte. It was pretty fun for Mason and Tori. We spent half the day there...Then we went to eat, and then to the Planetarium; however, since we didn't call ahead, we missed the good shows (planning is good sometimes).

Sunday we spent the day at the President's Day Air Show. It started out good (good parking spot, quick entry, good seat)...and then went downhill. We waited an hour for the show to start (which was horrible for the kids) then when it did start, there was a LOUD explosion and an F-16 flyover the scared Mason really bad. So then Mason was crying for a the time we got him calmed down, everyone crowded around us and was standing in front of us (we were on the bleachers) and so Jes started yelling at them to get out of the way over and over. And then Jes finally got pissed (since we couldn't see), grabbed the stroller and started pushing through the crowd (yelling at everyone on his way and hitting them with the stroller!).

The show pretty much had hit a bottom point...

Once Jes calmed down, everything got better from there on...

In summary, since our expectations were for this trip to be a disaster (bad hotel room, crowded air show, nothing to do, crying kids, kidnapped to Mexico, etc), we were ultimately happy with the result (nice hotel room, stayed in budget, had fun, laughed a lot, ate a lot, had good family time, etc).

But I don't forsee us ever ending up in Laredo again.


Covering one ear because of noise...

$1 slide...wasn't worth $1.

A&M Planatarium (picture is Mason running to it!) He loves planets and stars so we felt bad that we couldn't see a show.


Shirtless at Applebees!



Thursday, February 12, 2009

Puppy love!

Mason had a valentine party at school today so we made "puppy love" cookies for him to take as his valentines. They turned out so cute I had to post them! My names not Betty, but you can call me that if you want!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

2 Year Anniversary - Arizona to Texas

Yes, it's been 2 years next week. February 13th, 2007 we left Arizona, headed for Texas. It took us almost 3 full days of driving to get here. Our stops included Tucson AZ, Tombstone AZ, Las Cruces NM, Fort Stockton TX, and San Angelo TX.

Sorry the picture isn't great, but that's our basic travel path. Both of us are very happy in Texas. We feel we've become more familiar, made more connections, more friends, and really rooted ourselves more here in 2 years then we ever did in Arizona in 5 years! However, we do miss our Arizona friends! And Jes still works for his old employer in Arizona as a consultant...and is still obsessed with the Phoenix Suns....

It has been fun to see all the Arizona reminders over the past while...John McCain, Arizona Cardinals, Janet Napolitano, etc...

Anyway, happy anniversary to us!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hello, hairstylist! Where have YOU been?

So I realized tonight I have been missing my inner hairstylist. Yes I do hair out of my house for friends and such, but I myself have been looking like any ordinary Mom for to long now. I can't even remember the last trendy cut and color I had! As I was surfing the web I found my inspiration!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this asymmetric cut! I decided I had to have it. But, being the impatient girl I am, (and hating paying for something I know how to do) I didn't want to wait until I could get to a salon. Not only that, but most of my haircut experiences since moving here to Texas have been less than great... ok, they have been HORRIBLE!!!! So, I decided I would attempt something I have never done before. I cut my own hair! Sure, I have dabbled in it a bit... add some layers here or some texture there... but never have I given myself a full on hair cut! Especially a short one! I was a little nervous but I think it turned out good!

Please ignore the fact that I look horrible as I have no makeup on! But you get the idea! So, if you, like me, are dieing slowly from hair boredom, feel free to copy me!!!

That's what he said...

Funny how my story this week is almost the same as Meghans!

Mason has been asking almost daily if I have another baby in my tummy. When I ask him if he wants me to have one, he always say yes! Yesterday he once again asked, and I said no, I don't have a baby in my tummy. He said with a sad look, but I want one! I asked him if we had another baby should we have a girl baby or a boy baby. He said a boy baby. I asked him, what would we name him? To which he replied... BEAN BAG!

So, after dinner Mason suddenly announced to Daddy, I want to go get a puppy! I am going to name him BEAN BAG!

So, when we finally get a dog, I guess it's name will be bean bag. I guess "bean" isn't too bad! At least it wont be my next child's name!