Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Birthday Boy!!!

Mason Turns 2!
here are some cute pictures of Mason's 2nd birthday!

He was so excited to get a punching bag! He carried it around the house with him all day!

He was good at opening the gifts all by himself! After 3 or 4 he just wanted to play with what he already had. So we decided to open the rest later. About an hour later I heard him yell "FISHY!" and I thought, he didn't open fish yet! I turned the corner and he had opened all the rest of the presents by himself!

We took him to Gatti Town for dinner and games. (for those of you who don't know, it's like Chucky Cheese.) He had such a blast playing the games!!!
This was a roller coaster ride that really moved. He thought it was really fun and wanted to keep doing it!

Ski-ball with a 2 year old can be dangerous business!!!

This was his favorite game of all! He was pretty good at hitting the ducks! He did better when he did it by himself instead of having us help him.

Align Center

Wow! Look at all that food!!! No, he didn't eat it all!

This was funny! It's a ride that takes you up and drops and bounces. He thought the first drop/bounce was fun, but then he was a little scared. He didn't cry though!

I decided to open a cake decorating company!

So, yesterday was my darling son's 2nd birthday. I decided I wanted to make him a cute cake. I chose the double decker design, you know, 2 round cakes on top of each other with the frosting in the middle?!? I have done it once before and it was okay, so I thought surely my second go round would be better! Well, This is what the top layer ended up looking like! I tipped the top layer onto the bottom and it fell apart. I then thought "humm, I can probably 'glue' it back together with frosting!" BAD idea! I ended up with a big cake/frosting mess! I had to scrap it off the bottom piece, which was now polka dotted with cake instead of being smooth white!
But, all in all I guess it turned out okay! After all, he is only 2, he didn't know the difference!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Someone needs to help me!

My blog looks lame, I need someone to teach me how to make it cuter. Any volunteers???

Shop till Mason's burried!

Yahoo for Michelle and La Nan! They spread the news like wild fire that Old Navy was having a clearance sale! Mason and I left the house just minutes after receiving the email. The store was out of carts, so I just piled the stuff on top of the stroller. Before you knew it poor Mason was buried! I could only see him from his tummy down! Of course when I realized this I uncovered his head for fear of suffocation! He was such a good boy while I spent on hour running from one side of the store to the other. What fun what fun!!! If you didn't go down there yet, you better because it's awesome! To all you in different states then me, so sorry you missed it. The only way the trip would have been better is if my sisters could have come too!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Finally learned how to do a pic!

Here is the photo of Mas in his beloved turtle costume. I am a computer idiot so I had to wait till Jes could show me how to do it. Of course when we got home and I wanted Mason to show Daddy his costume, he refused to put it on!

Halloween pick out

Mason and I went shopping today and bought his halloween costume so I can give it to him for his birthday! I really wanted him to be a lion and I thought he would LOVE the idea since it's his favorite animal. But, children never cease to amaze us right??? Our conversation went a little like this
me: Wow! Look at the lion! It's so cool! Do you want to try it on?
Mas: No, Turtle!!!
me: But look at the lion! What does the lion say?
me: let's try on the lion!
Mas: NO! Turtle!

I put him in the lion and show him the mirror

me: It is cute! Do you want to be the lion?
Mas: NO, Turtle!

so, we got the turtle. It's really cute too!