Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A little overwhelming...

So, I have a lot of pictures and fun things to post from our fab Utah trip... so much that it's just to overwhelming and I can't bring myself to do it just yet. Maybe after the kids are in bed tonight! So, I will leave you with this:
"That's what he said, in Utah"
1) We went to Costco to get all the supplies for Victoria's birthday party. As we were walking in Mason said "Hey! Costco!!!!" Then he looks at me with a very puzzled look and says "Are we in Texas?" I said "no, we are in Utah." Mason replies with awe "Utah has Costco too! Just like Texas?!?"

2) I had put Mason to bed for the night and he kept getting up. I told him somewhat meanly to GET BACK IN BED!!! To which he yelled "BUT MOM... I HAVE A PROBLEM!" A little chastened for yelling at him when he had a problem, I nicely asked him what was wrong. He then told me "My pillow is going to fall off my bed in exactly 10 seconds!"

3) My brother's name is Brennan, but we have always called him by his initials, B.J. Now that he is a "grown up" he likes to be called Brennan. I have a really hard time remembering, so usually I call him B.J. Mason was having a hard time understanding that Brennan and B.J. are both his names, he has two. One day after Brennan had gone to work Mason asked me "Where is Brennan THE B.J.?"

4) Mas asked if he could play a game. I said yes. He replied "Do you suppose?" (I guess I say "I suppose" too much!)

5) After a hellaciouse flight home with taking care of two kids by myself and a plane change in between (which included a poop explosion all over the carpet in Phoenix airport, credit to Mason) we were limping with all our crap to the baggage claim, at midnight, to meet Jes. Mason looked up with bright eyes and asked "Did you have fun on the airplane Mommy?" Someone behind me busted up laughing... she must have been sitting close by us on the plane!