Friday, September 17, 2010

Random Pics of Summer

We've been pretty busy lately, and our camera has had some problems, so we don't have many pictures of the summer...however, clearing out the disk today, I found a bunch of random summer pictures that I thought I'd share. No specific events, just fun times with the family.

Tori...not sure what she's doing...
This was from our's our first cantelope!

Pretty Tori.

Mason showing Tori how to play games on the computer.

We had a bad storm blow through Buda/Austin and it knocked down one of our bigger was sad.

Mason started home-schooling this year. This was his volcano he made that day!

Aryah taking a bath in the sink...

Mason LOVES to take close up pictures of himself.

For a while, we had a bunch of gravel on our driveway to put around our shed and in the new play area. But while it was there, the kids loved climbing the gravel mountains!

We attending a children's musical one day. Mason and Tori are in the crowd somewhere...

Carrots from our garden!

Aryah and Shalynn hanging out!

We've never found a lot of scorpions here, but this year we've found a few. Here is one we caught.

Victoira, wearing Daddy's biking helmet, riding her bike. Safety first!