Saturday, March 26, 2011


Bring on the Dragons!  This is Mason's second season, and Daddy's second season of coaching.  Today was the first game and we did really well!  All 10 team members showed up and they all played hard!  We did a few more things this season to get the kids excited, such as make a banner, face painting, and iron-on patches.  The kids loved and we all had a great time!  GO DRAGONS!

Our banner with cheerleaders!

Tori on the side-lines.  She cannot wait until she gets to play next year.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Family Pictures

We made a noble effort to get our family pictures done today.  Getting the three kids to pay attention and smile was a challenge. 

Half way through Tori started crying for no reason.  The photographer asked her to make a happy smile.  And she said, "NO, I want to make a sad smile!" 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our Day of Fun

Thinigs have been really crazy around here lately.  Mason spent every day from 8-5 at a YMCA Spring Break Camp.  He loved it!  They did activities, field trips, swimming days, and crafts.  He would come home exhausted every day.  On top of that, we've had things going on in the evenings, as well as spring yard work, that's just taken a lot of our time lately.  So we decided to have a day of fun.

Our day started out looking for garage sales.  Believe it or not, that is considered a fun activity in our family.  Mason loves the toys and treasures we usually find, and the prices are usually afforable, even for him!  On this particular garage sale morning, we spent all our money in the first few garage sales!  Not only did we find a toy train that Mason has wanted since he was a baby (but now outgrown, so we bought it for Aryah), we found a bounty of chapter books for Mason. 

Next, we made a stop to Shipley's Donuts and each enjoyed our own donut while we watched they make the donuts through the window.  The kids loved that (and we loved the donuts).

After a break for naps and some re-grouping, we headed bowling!  It was a bit more challenging then we thought, but Mason did great, and it was pretty fun. 

Finally, to end the day, we needed to get some yard work done, so Daddy hauled the two girls around in the wagon everywhere he went in the yard, and we filled up a big tub full of water.  That gave the kids entertainment for at least an hour, splashing and playing in the mini-pool!  

Overall, a good day of fun!