Thursday, November 1, 2007


I think next year we need to plan a little better so we make sense as a family! Jes was Gothic,

Mason was an adorable turtle

And Mom was a princess. So, we were a Gothic and a princes with a pet turtle! Doesn't really make sense!

Mason posing by the pumpkins he painted. He was afraid of the "guts" inside when we carved them. He did much better with just painting!

After trick or treating in downtown "Booda" Jes helped Mason go through his candy. He made sure to pick out all the poisoned ones, such as all the twix! When we had finished trick or treating and were getting into the car I tried to take Mason's bucket from him to get him in his car seat. He would NOT let go! He was screaming "MY BUCKET!" Jes had to pry it from his hands so I could buckle him up! Then he asked about it the whole way home!

Checking out his loot at Downtown Booda festival.

AHHHH! The perfect pumkin! I finally found it!!!