Saturday, July 31, 2010

To the Zoo!

Grandma Vickie, Mason, Aryah, Mommy on the train at the Hogle Zoo.
Victoria, Morgan, Ellie

Mason, Grandma, Ellie... and of course the rhino!

Grandma with the grandkids
Mason, Ellie, Aryah, Bailee, and Tori

Fishing revisited

Last year Grandpa Jeff and Uncle Brennan took Mason fishing at the fish hatchery. We had so much fun last year that Mason asked Grandpa if he would "Please please please take me fishing again!!!" So, up Ogden canyon we went! This time we brought a whole crowed with us. Grandma, Grandpa, Brennan, Lacey, Bailee, Morgan, Victoria, Aryah, Don and Shalynn all came. Last year Mason was too afraid to touch the fish when they came out of the water flopping around like.. well, a fish out of water. This year he was a little braver and actually pet them after Uncle Brennan knocked them on the head.
And Morgan actually kissed hers! Yuck!

Grandma helping Mason

Look at that smile! Isn't he darling?!?

Morgan with her catch!

Victoria's first fish!!!

Grandpa and Morgan helping Mason with his fish.

The girls had to stay in the stroller most of the time. Mom was afraid comacazie (sp?) Tori would jump into the pond!

Shalynn wasn't too excited about getting the fish off the hook, so Brennan helped her.

Grandpa Jeff, Mason, Brennan, Morgan, Shalynn, Don

The littles... well, most of them!

Mason, (4) Emree, (3 weeks) Aryah, (9 months) Tori (2) and Ellie (2)! These cousins are all very close in age and get along really well with each other! The only one of the little cousins missing in this picture is Bailee. What cuties!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hanging at Don and Jessica's house!


We stopped by the cemetery to visit Britton, Grandpa and Grandma Taylor, Grandpa Rod, and Truman. Ashlee's family placed a headstone for Truman for Ashlee's birthday this year. We didn't put one originally because he is buried with Britton, and didn't think it was necessary. However, Ashlee started to feel like we weren't recognizing him as part of our family so she asked if they would have one done for her birthday. We are really happy with the way it turned out, and Ashlee feels much better about the whole thing!
Mason and Tori with Great Grandpa and Grandma Taylor's headstone

I never will get over the thought of one of my children being burried in the ground.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Popcorn with Grandma Vickie!

Grandma had the great idea to bring the popcorn popper outside and let it pop on a blanket. It would have been really fun if the kernels weren't super hot! They kept landing on our legs and burning us! It was fun anyway and the kids ate it all up!

The Galivan Center

The Galvian Center in Salt Lake held a fun kids program. Mason got to play carnival games, get his face painted, and play with a lot of instruments!

Dinosaur Park

Up the Ogden canyon there is a dinosaur park! We met some friends that Ashlee use to work with, Jill Woodhead and her family, and Grandma Vickie and Aunt Lacey and Bailee.
Mason insisted on having his picture taken in this!

Mason and Carter Woodhead

Bailee, Grandma, Tori and Mason

Victoria and Mason



Mason, Tori, Lacey and Bailee

Tori's 2nd birthday party and Aryah's blessing

Uncle Nate, Granpa Jeff, Aryah, and Uncle Brennan

We had a party for Tori's 2nd birthday and Aryah's blessing. Grandpa Jeff gave the blessing and Uncle Nate and Uncle Brennan stood in the circle.

Bailee, 19 months

Victoria in her new nightgown from Grandma Vickie! It's her favorite cause it has a cupcake on it! She loves her cousin Kody and wanted to always be with him.

Tori LOVES cake!!!

Opening presents. Tori got lots of great stuff!

She didn't love her hat though.

Great Grandma and Grandpa Habish

Uncle Brennan


We went to a family fun center called Boondocks. We went bowling, which was Mason first time. He used a ramp and did really good.

Kody and Morgan

Daddy and Mason

Mason, Dad and Don getting ready to rid the go carts!