Monday, May 25, 2009

Tori's 1 Year Birthday

Today is Tori's 1 year birthday. We're having a party for her while we're in Utah in 2 weeks, so we didn't really do anything for her. Finally, around 7:30, we felt guilty, so Jes ran to the store and got a few birthday items. We had a quick celebration for her!
She was a little hesitant to eat the cupcake at first (which isn't like her), but once she realized what it was, she ate it all gone! I hope she isn't up tonight with a tummy ache!

Happy Birthday Baby Tori, we love you!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

8 Years....

We've been married 8 years as of today!
To celebrate, we went to the Alamo Draft House in Austin and saw the movie Wolverine.
For those who've never been, it's a really fun place! You sit in a normal movie theater, but there is a little table in front of you and you can order drinks, appetizers, and a meal (as well as desert). They bring your food during the movie. The food was good and the movie was good.

So, we not only celebrated our anniversary, but found a new Texas adventure that was a great time!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Completetly Pooped!

Our fantastic neighbors, Tim and Cheryl, took Mason with them to Gatti Town today so there Granddaughter would have a play mate. (For you Non-Texans Gatti Town is like Chucky Cheese, but better.) When he got home he asked if he could play a game on the computer. A few minutes later, this is how I found him! Fast asleep! He must have had a really good time!

P.S. how do you like our keyboard? Pretty nice hu! Top of the line!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

False Accusations

My Mom came to visit me last week, which by the way was the best birthday surprise EVER! On Friday we went shopping. When we headed home Mom drove because I was sitting in the back seat feeding Victoria her lunch which was almost an entire burrito from Taco Bell. That girl can eat!!! I had finished and was now sitting up front as we exited the freeway. Then we saw the lights behind us.

Now, I am a cop advocate. I appreciate very much what they do for us, putting there lives on the line every day. I find myself bias to the cops side of the story any time there is controversy. However, I now realized they can make big mistakes. The police man walked up to the car and I noticed he looked VERY angry. I was curious, as was my Mom, as to why we had been pulled over. Then the police man said "I pulled you over because you were holding your child on your shoulder while driving."

We both gasped!!! WHAT!!! I would NEVER in a million years do that!!! Of all things I am neurotic about, car seats is the biggest. The cop said he would go review his dash cam and see if he was mistaken. We waited for a few minutes and he came back, still looking very mad. He said that when he turns on his lights that his camera backs up one minute. He had waited too long to turn them on, so the "incident" had not been recorded. I thought for sure he was going to take one of us to jail. He did not seem to believe that we would not hold my kid while on the freeway. I was wondering how we could ever convince someone of our innocence if there was no tape to prove it!

Luckily at that point, he must have gotten a better call. He gave us a quick lecture about how important car seats are and how dangerous it is to hold a baby on your lap while you drive... Duh! He then jumped in his car with lights and siren and drove off really fast.

I have no idea what he actually saw, but it was definitely NOT my baby!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Practical Joke

(written by Jes)
For those that don’t know, I LOVE to play practical jokes in the office. This weekend, I got one of my good friends really good. Here is what happened:

Friday morning, Grant told me he wanted to put his piano on craigslist, but didn’t know how. So I helped him list it.

Later Friday afternoon, I created a new email address and emailed interest in the piano:

Is this piano still available? I'd like to come look at it. I can pay cash today.If you have other offers, please let me know because I really want it and I'll pay extra. Tom

All excited, he told me he had some interest. At the same time, someone else in the office had emailed him showing interest, so he thought he had competitive bidders. He replied with:

Hi Tom,
I live in West Lake Hills, TX and will have some time to show the piano tomorrow. Apparently I under-priced and am now facing a high influx of inquiries. I'll be finding a balance between selling it soon while taking the best offer. If someone comes with cash and/or makes a higher offer I'll certainly take it.

If you're still interested let me know, we can pick a time.

I felt a little bad that he was so excited to have interest so soon, so I decided to add a little “creepiness” into the joke.

Well, I could probably come up with the 1600 dollars today, but to offer more, I might be able to trade. I've got a few plane tickets that expire in the next 6 months between NYC and Rome that I could give, or I've got some old music equipment, or a lawnmower! Hey, you live in West Lake Hills? Can I have your address tonight so maybe I could come by tonight. How old are you?

The line “how old are you” did the trick. He was a little freaked out, but decided to continue the business transaction.

Hi Tom,
Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately, tonight is a bit quick for me. I have someone interested in seeing it tomorrow who, pending the visit, may offer up to $2000. I'd like to offer the same to you, please just let me know your availability( if you're still interested). I'd prefer cash, as I'm in no way qualified to appraise a lawnmower or tickets abroad.

That was the last email during work Friday; however, it freaked him out enough to delist the ad and stop emailing “Tom”. So I continued sending emails all weekend to him…

Well, I can't get up to 2,000 in cash, but I might be able to put something together. Those plane tickets would simply be valued at the cost of a ticket from NYC to Rome; however, I failed to mention that they are double tickets and I need the other ticket, so we'd have to fly together, but we could part ways once in Rome; however, I'm always up for sharing a room and saving some $$$!!! The lawnmower is a piece of sh**, I just wanted to throw some ideas out there. I'd be willing to offer "services" as well, such as lawn mowing, gutter cleaning, etc.Let me know how the other deal works out. See you tonight. Tom

He was REALLY freaked out about the comment “see you tonight”. I continued to email all weekend...

Grant - Can I get your phone number? I was hopeful we could get together tonight so I could look at your piano.

Hi Grant,I hope you had a good night. Hey, I google searched you and found some YouTube this the piano you're selling? looks pretty nice and sounds good. Let me know if you're still interested and want to get together?Maybe we should meet?

Now that I found him on You Tube, he was extra freaked out. Monday morning, I sent him this message:

Hi Grant, Did you have a good weekend? I waited for you to email me most the weekend. Kinda bummed you didn't. Maybe I should give you my phone number? Email me if you want it.I enjoyed watching your video's if that's you. I think so since I saw the piano. You should come give me a private performance sometime! Hee Hee.Well, I'm at work today. Just sitting here. What do you do? I bet it's something awesome and exciting. Not me, I simply work at a processing plant for deceased animals. They either pick up the dead ones off the street or various places. Nothing exciting.well, I found your myspace page too. I LOVE Dan Brown! We sound like we're so much alike! I spend a bit of that money this weekend at the uhh... "clubs"...hee hee {damn, those girls are expensive} so it'll take me some time to build up additional funds to get that piano off your hands. But hopefully we'll get a good load of animals this weekend from the heat {we get paid per animal processed}. But like I said, I've got other things. Talk to you soon. Tom AKA Fishi.

Well, Monday morning he was telling EVERYONE in the office about his new stalker and asking for advice. He was really worried that the person found his You Tube video’s, etc. He even considered calling the police! Finally, as he was telling me the whole story, I was laughing SO HARD that it was obvious it was me. He just stopped and asked, “Is this you?” When I couldn’t stop laughing, he had his answer. Most of the humor was witnessing his reaction, so this may not be too funny to the reader, but I suggest you doing this joke if you ever have the chance!