Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Mason decided he didn't want to play soccer anymore, so we put Victoria in instead. The whole last year she would sit on the sidelines and cry because she didn't get to play. Now she sits on the sidelines and cries because she DOESN'T want to play!!! What the heck?!?

Mom, Dad and Tori just before her first game

                                                                            Coach Daddy!

                                          Aryah entertained herself by putting on Grandma's lipstick

Go Bugs!!!

Time with Dad

Our kids love to spend time with Dad! Dad is so fun, he is really good at making work and learning fun! He is also really good at letting them get really dirty and ruining clothing...

Blue bonnets continued...

Aryah 2, Mason 6, Victoria 3, Copper 13 days