Tuesday, June 15, 2010

That's what he said...

We are in Utah! We were at my sister Brandi's house and my nephews, Kody and Colton, were playing a video game; Call of duty. Mason started to watch them and then said, "I think this game is a little old for me" and walked away! He is so grown up!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Drive...UTAH or BUST

In approximately 50 hours from now, we'll be heading to Utah for our summer vacation. The plan is to leave Friday night around 5pm, arriving in Dallas around 8pm for dinner/playtime. As we leave Dallas, hopefully the kids will fall asleep and will sleep all the way to Wichita. We'll spend the night and next day in Wichita. Saturday night around 5pm, we'll leave Wichita and head for Denver, where we will again stay in a hotel. We'll hang out in Denver the next day. Then on the third, and final night, we'll leave and head towards Manila, UT. We should arrive around 11pm. This is where we're meeting family and staying in a cabin for a few days before heading the remaning distance into Salt Lake City. 2 weeks later, Jes will head out of Salt Lake City, through Albuquerque, on his way back to Austin. Overall, about 3,000 miles traveled in the Pilot! This is the longest we've ever driven with any of the kids...and especially all 3.
FYI - for all those who think stalkers will read this post and rob us the second we leave, we will have people staying in our house while we're gone and our neighbor is a big Texan with a lot of keep that in mind. =)