Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dinner and a movie

Since Daddy was working late, and that always makes the kids sad, I thought I would try and spice things up a bit and make dinner funner. We decided to have a picnic in the living room! It's too hot for outdoor picnic, so this was perfect! We ate on a blanket and watched a movie at the same time. And cleanup was a breeze!I'm glad they are still easy to entertain!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fun Boat on Lake Travis

Mommy, Mason and Victoria had the awesome opportunity to join a lot of our friends on a party boat on Lake Travis! The boat was a double Decker with a slide and 2 jump off ramps. Mason was the very first person to jump off! Everyone was cheering him on and shouting his name and I think that gave him the courage to jump! Victoria didn't ever even hesitate... she just went for it! She is so brave... no fear in that girl whatsoever! She reminds me of myself so much! I was always giving my parents heart attacks with the reckless stuff I did.
After jumping several times they moved on to the slide. At first it was your normal zoom down on your butt... but then Victoria started getting more creative! Everyone was so shocked at the stuff she was doing! I never told her to go down on her back or tummy, she did it all on her own! Crazy girl! Mason told Mom he really wanted to go down the slide on his tummy but he was just too scared. Poor kid. He's so much like his Dad! We had a really fun time and can't wait to do it again!
 Victoria taking a rest as we got ready to depart back to the dock

 Mason showing off his muscles!

Not sure what he is doing here...

Work Pranks

Jes has a lot of fun at his job...

He plays pranks.   He's convinced people their house is haunted, convinced others they are being stalk, convinced some their cars were towed, turns the volume up on their phones, changes their screens around, posts ad's in Craigslist for them, etc...

Well, he went on a business trip for a few days.  And they got him back.

His entire, let me emphasize, entire office, from the pictures on the wall, to the phone, monitor, chair, pens, printer, lamp, books, papers, stapler, etc...were wrapped in paper.  And shredded paper was filled in his drawers.  In was grand payback by most of the office.   

Like I say...they have a lot of fun there.  Jes is in charge of HR and Finance, and they made him a sign to hang in front of his department based on one of his familiar sayings...see below.

(don't ask about Arnold...long story)

Home Depot Project

Each month, Home Depot offers a free kid project.  We usually make every effort to get there and do the little project.  Usually anything from a planter box, a flag holder, a car, and this time...drink coasters and container. 

Victoria is now old enough to participate, while Mason almost does he without assistance.  It's usually a pretty good time, of course...why wouldn't it be?  Put a bunch of kids in a room with hammers, wood, and glue and they are going to have a great time.  I don't think I've left a session yet without a swollen finger from a misguided hammer, or glue crusted fingers, and ringing ears (because if you aren't hitting the nail, why not just pound on the table?)

CHL Class / Date Night

At least, but typically, once a month, Ashlee and Jes get a date night.  This month, we combined it into an entire day of attending CHL (conceled handgun license) training class.  It was taught at Cabella's in Buda and we actually had a pretty fun time.  Maybe not the flowers and dinner Ashlee usually expects, but Jack in the Box and guns worked just fine!

Here are pictures of our shooting exam.  Ashlee enjoys pointing out that she missed the target less than Jes did.  She does look pretty sexy with a gun!

Do you know your countries?

Mason does funny things.  He does smart things, and silly things, and the things he comes up with usually surprise us.  Today was no exception.   First..he colored one flag and asked Daddy to guess.  Seeing the Moon and Crescent, Daddy knew it must be a Middle-Eastern flag, but guessed the wrong country.  It was Algeria.  For the next 30 minutes, Daddy was quizzed on flags of the world.  Score: 3 right (Japan, Egypt, Afganistan), 2 wrong (Chad, Algeria). 

What will Mason do next...?


Thursday, July 14, 2011

That's what he said...

Mason is going to be taking an exam next week to determine if he can be placed in first grade instead of Kindergarten in the fall. We gave him a chart to track his "studying", ie. 30 minutes of reading per day and 30 minutes of practicing other things like math per day. We told him if he could fill up his whole chart by the time he took the test, and then did his very best on the test that we would have a party and we could go anywhere he wanted, like Chuck- E- Cheese. His response...

"You mean like Hawaii?!?"

Grandma Kathy gave Mason a sand dollar last time she was here visiting. Unfortunately Victoria broke it. Mason started yelling at her, but then saw all the sand on the floor. He excitedly exclaimed MEXICAN SAND!!!!
Luckily we were able to glue it back together.

And finally...

We told Mason that if he finished his chores, he could play computer until 9PM.  He tried to finish and ended up being done at 8:59PM.  Looking at the clock, he said, "oh man", and pressed his hands to his eyes.   Mommy asked him if he was going to cry, to which he responded, " tears just popped out of my eyes...and I'm trying to pop them back in!"

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Morning


Buda had a kid parade, so we decorated the jeep and the kids drove it down main street!  It was a lot of fun.  It started at the old post office and ended at City Park where there were free blow-up slides, a magician, and a train.  It was a good morning to celebrate. 

Unfortunately, because it's been so dry and hot in Texas this year, pretty much everywhere has cancelled fireworks (and banned their use), so we will be playing games and enjoying a little charcoal smores this evening...but no fireworks!  Maybe next year.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

heavy work load

I'm not sure how Daddy can get the lawn mowed while holding 2 kids, let alone not crash! Should they be in a car seat???