Sunday, November 20, 2011

Warrior Dash

Jes and Jessica decided to get a little dirty and do the Warrior Dash.   It was a 3 miles run with various obstacles, such as a junk car jump, wall climb, slippery slope, barbed wire army crawl, etc.  It was a great time and they got mud everywhere! 

Jessica in the trenches.

Jes with Jessica's muddy hand on his back.

Climbing over the cars, the second obstacle, Jessica was starting to freak out at what she got herself into.

The killer...this was the third obstacle.  The mud was so thick, people kept losing their shoes.  This added at least 10 pounds of weight to clothes and shoes from that point on.
Jes climbing down the wall.

Jes cut his leg!

Done, a happy Jessica, with mud in her teeth.