Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lot's of treats, one trick

Now that we have a kid in school we can no longer tell them that Jes's work party is "real" Halloween. The past 2 years we have skipped trick or treating on Halloween night and the kids were non the wiser! I guess those days are at an end though, as Mason knew exactly what we were suppose to be doing... and it wasn't staying home watching T.V.!

So we got the kids all dolled up again and headed to Whispering Hollow neighborhood near our home. We have never gotten any trick or treaters at our house because the houses are too far apart  and there are very few street lights, making it very dark.  
 All hail King Mason!

 Victoria wanted to have a 10 minute conversation with each person that gave her candy. This old lady was happy to talk to her for just as long. Mom finally had to pull her away, literally.
 AAAHHH!!! This scared Tori!

 Near the end of the night we did have one trick. The kids knocked on a door and a nice man came out. He had a little pug dog with him and after giving the kids candy and talking to them a bit he let them pet the dog. All of the sudden, the dog freaked out. It barked / growled and lunged at Aryah, knocking her to the ground. It pounced on her chest snarling. All the kids fell to the ground and started screaming! I grabbed Aryah and the man grabbed the dog. We looked her over carefully and found the dog didn't actually bite her. We were relieved. The dog on hind legs was the same height as Aryah so if it had bitten it would have gotten her face. I could have been very bad, but we were very lucky. The man and his wife, who had come running from the other room, told us the dog had never done that before and were very apologetic and worried about Aryah. He was very nice. We told them it was fine, she wasn't hurt. He insisted on giving her loads of more candy! We were just grateful she wasn't hurt!

 After that we decided to call it a night!


The Mrs. said...

Oh my! I'm so glad she is ok. Cute costumes!