Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Comment of the Day

Mason came home from school today and declared he had a "crush" on a girl in his class.  He couldn't exactly explain what a crush was, but he knew that he wants her to be his girlfriend.  When asked what a girlfriend was, he explained it was a girl that was your friend.   "But you have lots of those," Daddy said.  To which Mason replied, "Yes, and I want MORE!"

Victoria enjoys talking to people.  She usually tells everyone, everything.   When we leave the YMCA, her tradition is to say goodbye to everyone in the lobby (which thankfully is usually just the staff).   Yelling goodbye to everyone, we walked out the doors.  A man was sitting on over to the side of the doors, about 10 feet away, and Victoria turned to him and yelled, "Goodbye man with no hair!".     Choking back laughter, Daddy quickly shuffled her to the car.