Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Day for Nerds

A Science and Tech Expo came through Austin for two days.   It was free so only Mason and Daddy went, anticipating big crowds.  At first, Mason took his time, trying to understand the makings of lightening, magnets, and energy.  But eventually his focus broke down into a frantic mess of trying to do as many activities as possible with less learning.   He got to build legos, play with slime, create a type of heat power, get fingerprinted, use microscopes, and mess around with planets.  We even got to sit in a large dome and watch a movie.   Daddy didn't like that one as he felt they jammed as many fat people as they could into a blow up tube and made us all look upwards for 15 minutes.   At one point, they demonstrated fire and Mason says that was his favorite part.   Mason loves robots and this sort of nerdy stuff, so he was in heaven.  A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.    

Making Lightening!

This was a crazy slime that Mason got to play with.

Mason driving a robot.

Jupiter.  Mason's favorite planet.