Saturday, September 3, 2011

University of Texas

We got two tickets to the first football game of the season for University of Texas vs Rice.  So Mason and Daddy went to the game.  It was super fun!   It was our first game and we had a fun experience!  

Since we had to park far away, we took a bike taxi to the stadium.  Mason LOVED this and waved and yelled at everyone as he biked by.  We were passing the Texas History Museum right when I snapped this picture.

This was the stadium as we approached it.

Our first stop...the First Aid station.  As we walked through the gates, I looked over and Mason had blood all over his face and shirt.  He had a bloody nose, and though it wasn't a big deal, this was the first place I saw where we could clean it up.  They cleaned him, gave him a drink, and took good care of him.  He actually asked if we could go back during the half-time...

Mason learning how to do the Longhorn cheer!  Ashlee colored his hair purple...not sure why, but lots of people said he looked awesome.  Next time...we'll do orange.

Daddy and Mason at the game.

Texas Flags that Mason loved.

The game was pretty loud and had cannon's blasting throughout, which, of course, scared Mason, so that was a bummer.  But otherwise, it was fun to watch and cheer!  Mason thought all the tackling was funny.
After the game, we stopped and got ice cream (of course).