Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hair blog?

So, I have been toying with the idea of making a hair blog. This could include styles for little girls, that I do on Victoria and Aryah; and also clients. I'm still just thinking about it... not too sure yet. But in that spirit I thought I would go ahead and post a little sample of what I might do.

This style turned out very cute and was pretty easy, although time consuming. The advantage though was that it lasted 2 days, so I got a "day off" from little Miss's hair.

 It consists of 4 french braids. One down the middle, one on each side, and then an upside down one in the back. Little Miss thought the upside down braid was very funny and giggled the whole time I was doing it!
To do the upside down braid I sat on the floor and had her lay on her tummy with her head in my lap. It was pretty simple.

 After you do the braids and secure them with a clear elastic you will have 4 little pony tails that join in the middle. Take the hair from each one and pin them in loops with bobby pins. You can arrange the loops in whatever place you think looks good, but try to cover your elastics with some of them.

This hairstyle even survived gymnastics class!  It would also be really cute with a big flower tucked into the loops somewhere!

I decided to do this after I had created the style, so I don't have step by step pictures. If I do go ahead with the blog I will do more step by steps. If you want step by steps of this style leave me a note in the comments and I will redo it!


Brandy said...

Super cute! I would follow your hair blog. I'm hopeless when it comes to girl's hair. Luckily, Kenley doesn't have enough to do...yet.

Matt & Ali said...

Very cute!! I remember Shelly doing an upside down braid on me. When she got to the top she curled the ends and made them part of my big back combed bangs! It was cute at the time not so much now. I like your new and improved idea!

The Quinns said...

I would follow your hair blog :) I'm always looking for new hairstyles for my girls, and your girls' hair always looks so cute :)

Amanda said...

I would totally follow your hair blog. I say go for it!!