Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mason's Birthday

Where did 6 years go?  Mason turned 6 this weekend and, according to him, "this was my best birthday ever!".  His birthday was on a Sunday, so we got up and he opened his presents. Then had a yummy breakfast and headed off to the big surprise present!  We booked 2 nights at the Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas, Texas!  At first, he was a bit confused about what he'd been given, but eventually he figured it out and was really excited.   

Mason loves those little books and he got two this time!

Mason opening a present and Tori looking crazy!

This was Mason's birthday cake...after the fall.   Mason wanted chocolate with chocolate frosting, so Ashlee made a cute cake with cars and a road and M&M's...but while walking into the Lodge in Dallas, it fell from the cart and was destroyed!  Mason didn't care though...cake is cake!  He just fished out the toy cars and we ate it anyway.

Mason and his cake...

Enjoying the cake at the Lodge.

Mason had a great birthday with a couple of Wii games, some books, workbooks, clothes, a spaceship lego toy, a puzzle, some games, etc!  Best of all was the 3 days we all spent together having fun at the Lodge.  We love you Mason and you are the BEST six year old around!