Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

As previously explained, for Mason's surprise birthday gift, we took him to Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas.  The Lodge was amazing and had everything a little boy could want for his birthday.   Not only did he get to sleep in a bunk-bed with his own TV, the indoor swimming area had slides, and a river, and wave pool, and great water toys!  But when Mason didn't want to swim...he was on multiple quests and killing dragons!  They had a game that took hours and hours to complete, but Mason was a Master Magi and proved he could kill dragons!  
Everywhere he went with his wand, employees would call him "Magi" and treat him with respect.  The game encompassed hours of fun and Mason's still talking about it.  In the evening there was a bed-time story and animated show.  In the morning was a nature lesson.   With the arcade, ice cream/candy store, and Cub Club...there was never a non-fun moment! 

Aryah loved the little window in the bunk beds.
The top players of the "magiquest" game were posted on the t.v. Mason's name was Magic Jewel (he came up with that on his own) and he placed in several catergories! He was really proud of himself!

The Killer Red Dragon in the background!
Victoria and her wand

The kids had to sit on this bear EVERY time we passed it.
After climbing onto this banana boat Aryah looked up and said "GO MOMMY! GOOOOO!"

Reading the book for clues...

 Daddy and Mason on the only big slide Mason dared to ride.
 Victoria loved the slides. She said it was the best part! We will have to go back when she is a little bigger so she can ride the big scary slides with Mommy!
 Daddy and Aryah. Poor baby was scared of just about everything in the water park. Especially the gigantic bucket that dropped water every 10 minutes!

The sure sign of an awesome vacation!