Tuesday, November 30, 2010

That's what they said, holiday edition!

On Thanksgiving as we sat around the table we each took a turn to say what we are thankful for. Mason said he was thankful that he got to go to Kindergarten at home, and that we got to eat this FEAST!!! (I wonder where he even heard the word feast!)

Victoria said she was thankful for.... MICKEY MOUSE CHICK MUGGETS! (aka: mickey mouse shaped chicken nuggets from Costco!) There was no hesitation, she knew exactly what she was thankful for!

I am thankful for them! I feel so lucky and blessed to be the mother to these 3 amazing kids. Jes says it's a cop out to say that's what I'm thankful for, but I truly am. I am also very thankful that Jes is my husband. I couldn't envision a better husband and father. Even when we fight, which isn't very often, it's short lived. He gives 100 % of himself to our family. I am so grateful for our marriage.