Monday, November 22, 2010

...and POOF I was naughty...

The other day Mason and Tori were playing. Mason did something to hurt Tori (a common occurance) and Tori started to cry. Ashlee started talking to Mason about this. She asked him, "Mason, why do you keep hurting your sister?"
Mason thought for a brief moment...then looked at Ashlee and said, "I don't know Mom. We're sitting here playing and being good and POOF I am naughty."
Ashlee, trying to hold back some laughter, asked him what he could do about that in the future. Mason responds, "How about next time, when I'm being good, and then the POOF happens (and then he makes a sucking in sound) I just suck it in."

We were content with that...


Matt & Ali said...

Lol! That's pretty good! I can't wait for the days of my kids saying funny things.