Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Aryah Eve turns 1,,, if you can believe it!

Aryah turned 1 on October 2. It seems like just yesterday we found out she was coming into our lives, and now she's already 1!!! She is such a fun little baby. She loves her brother and sister and tries to follow them around everywhere they go! She started walking at 10 months, so now she is pretty quick on her feet! She loves to snuggle, which is Mommies favorite thing! She can say Momma, Dadda, and What's that! It's really easy to make her laugh and smile. She loves to play with Daddy, he is super funny! She loves to eat applesauce but hates tomatoes!
Mason and Aryah with her new toy

Mason and Tori "helped" Ry open her gifts. Of course by help, I mean they did it for her...

We put the left over balloons from Mason's birthday in her crib and let her play. She loved it!