Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mason turnes 5!

Ok people, the end of the year is drawing nigh and I always make my blog into a book in January, SO I have to play a little catch up!
Mason had his birthday Sept. 25! It was really fun! We decided after last years huge WIPEOUT party to take it a little easier this year. We took him to gattytown and let him bring 2 friends instead of doing a big party. It cost about the same, and was way easier!
These pictures aren't in any order. Sorry!
Aryah playing with Mason's new toys
Opening presents. We had to start early because his birthday was also his first soccer game!

The night before we decorated the kitchen and his bedroom with about 80 balloons and streamers. He was outside playing and when he walked in he was so surprised! Way cute!

Mason and Kelsey at Gattytown

Jes, Shalynn and Aryah

Mason and Ethan at Gattytown

He loves spiderman!

Kelsey, Mason, Victoria, Ethan and some random kid!

ski ball at Gattytown

Victoria with Tim our next door neighbor and Kelsey's Grandpa. Our kids love him and his wife Cheryl!

He is surprisingly good at bowling!

roller coaster

Opening gifts.

Happy Birthday big boy! I can't believe you are already 5!