Friday, October 2, 2009

Aryah Eve Taylor

She's here! Arriving at 6:02 PM, Friday, October 2, 2009. She weighed 6 lbs 15 ozs and was 20 inches long.

Ashlee went on a long walk this morning and came home with contractions. I was working (from home today) and she kept telling me she thought we should go. Finally, around 12, she said she really thought we needed to go and I didn't want to get caught in rush hour, so we left. The doctor was a little hesitant to admit her since her water hadn't broke and the contractions were starting to slow down, but since we live 40 minutes from the hospital, he did.
About an hour or 2 later, the contractions came on strong and she got her epideral. Then within an hour of that, she came flying out!

Every is happy and healthy! I'll take Mason and Victoria up there tomorrow to meet her and post more pictures.

Newly Born

Still very gooey

Wondering..."who is that guy?" Little does she know...I'm soon to be her favorite!


Jolene said...

Congratulations. Nothing better in the world to hold than a new baby fresh from our Heavenly Father.

Nathan said...

She is beautiful Ash and Jes! Congrats we are so excited! Can't wait to see more pictures! Love ya Love Lacey

Katie said...

Good work, Ashley! And good instincts from the sound of it. Congratulations on beautiful baby Aryah.