Friday, September 25, 2009

WIPEOUT Birthday Party!

It's Mason's birthday! We woke up and let him have ANYTHING he wanted for his birthday breakfast. Well...he selected an ice cream cone. So, we ended up at McDonalds for breakfast..and then ice cream. We did make him eat an egg McMuffin first.

One of Mason's favorite shows is WIPEOUT. For his birthday party this year, he wanted a WIPEOUT party! After a few weeks of planning, we were able to pull it off (the 4 year old version!). There were balls, mud, water, and confetti! The kids were more timid then we thought about getting wet and muddy, but they had a great time with the confetti. Poor Tim, our neighbor, took the brunt of the confetti fight! Jes did most of the planning, he is such a great Dad!

Once the cake was served, the presents were opened, and the kids were free to run around, they had a LOT more fun with the balls and water! We just didn't get any of that on film.

Birthday boy!

Our new nanny, Michelle, with Tori. She is great! We are so glad to have her living with us!!!

The mud pit!

Kelsey, Rachel, Mason, Rachel, and Rhett.

Confetti fight!

Big Ball's!

Here's an early morning video of him opening presents from us.

Here's a video summary of the party! (yes, the pinata is a MOTIVATOR and the cake is BIG BALLS!!!)

Good Night, and Big Balls!


Jolene said...

I love how excited he is about each and every gift. Cute, cute.

Matt said...

What a great idea for the party! We have a friend we like to watch wipeout with because he makes it even better when laughing his guts out! Mason is so polite and full of expression. He even will throw away his garbage. I will come to you when i need help raising my kids. Hope you're doing well. I heard from Amber that your getting close! Can't wait to see another of your darling children. Oh and your Nanny is beautiful!
Love ya, Ali

LACEY said...

So that was so stinking cute! You are so creative and come up with such fun things! I am with Ali except I need your help now! Hope you are feeling well can't wait to see her! Love you hope to hear from you soon! Love Lacey.

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