Monday, October 19, 2009

Kyle fair and Texas Memorial Museum

Texas State University has a free museum that is open to the public. We took the kids and Grandma to see it. It was really cool. They had everything from dinosaurs to geodes to bugs! Mason really liked it. And best of all, it was free!

Mason loved the dinosaurs!

There were lots of animal exhibits.

We told Mason to pose like the statue. This is what we got!

Kyle Fair
Jes was really scared to let Mason get on this ride. He was afraid he would fall out of the swing. It did go pretty fast, and he was the smallest kid on the ride, but he had a blast! He went on it 4 times!

The park at the fairgrounds.

Aryah in her car seat.


Jes Taylor said...

Okay've lived in Texas for almost three years now and you just made the ultimate SIN. It wasn't Texas State University, it was University of Texas. Big difference...