Sunday, July 26, 2009

That's what he said...

Number 1:
Jes was helping me get the kids ready for church this morning and I heard this conversation. It was quite hilarious!

Dad: How do you want me to do your hair?
Mason: Can you do it like yours?
Dad: You want it like mine! I can do that! (very happy/excited Daddy)
Mason: Yes! I want it to look silly like yours!

Number 2:
Mason and I had to take a trip to the music store to get his violin restrung. When we walked in he was awe struck at all the instruments on the wall. He began naming them all, much to the man at the counters disbelief. After going through all of them he looked at me and said:

"Mom! can I have a base?"
I said "Maybe someday, lets just learn one instrument at a time."
He said "OH MOM! (big gigantic sigh)... (perks up and looks at me with a big grin) Can I have a piccolo then?!?"

Number 3:
Mason has been earning stickers for doing chores around the house to earn a bike. Jes had him clean the fan so I was helping him add another sticker to the chart. On each square we write what he did to earn that sticker. Mason wanted to write this one all by himself. I helped him write "CLEANED" and then...

Mom: Put an "F" here...
Mason did it.
Mom: Put an "A" here...
Mason: Big gigantic sigh and eyes roll... Mom! I know how to spell fan!