Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ok, here we go...

So I decided that posting the whole Utah trip in on lump sum was just to much. So, I am breaking it up into parts. So, here we go!
June 7. We flew from the San Antonio airport to the Phoenix airport. It was nice to be "home" in Az for a few minutes, but we were not there long enough to see anyone. Bummer. Here are the kids in San Antonio.
I look so happy!
Look at those beautiful blue eyes!

Flight number one went really well, until it was time to land. As we were descending, so was Victoria's bowls. She had diarrhea. Every time she would kick her legs more would squish out. She was strapped into Mason's car seat and it was getting everywhere! Because we were landing I couldn't get her out or do anything about it until we were on the ground. I cleaned her up as best I could while having her lay on my lap, then ran screaming off the plane, leaving Jes to grab the carry on and car seat. When he lifted the seat up a lovely surprise was waiting... there was poop all over the airplane seat! It had run down through the holes of the car seat. At this point we had already used every baby wipe we had, and he was the last one on the plane... so he just grabbed our stuff and made a run for it! Sorry to whoever was suppose to sit there next!

We got onto the next flight, luckily both kids fell asleep. We pulled out of the gate... and pulled right back in. There was some kind of computer problem that had to be fixed. It took 2 hours. We just had to sit there on the plane with them telling us every 20 minutes it would only be 10 more minutes. With each announcement Victoria stirred in our arms and threatened to wake up. Luckily she didn't, I may have lost my mind. We finally pulled into Grandma Kathy's house at 1:30 am, which was 2:30 Texas time.