Thursday, July 23, 2009


We finally got a nice day! It rained most of the time we were in Utah, but lucked out with our boating trip! I think it was the nicest day we had! Thanks Amber and Brady for taking us out on your boat for such a fun day!
Morgan and Brandi, just minutes before a MAJOR wipe out!
Mason and Mommy.
He was to scared and I was too pregnant to go very fast. He said he had fun but would only do it once. The whole time he was yelling TELL AMBER TO SLOW DOWN!!!
Mason and Mommy.
FYI: horizontal stripes on pregnant belly = not good idea!

Victoria found a seat on the apple juice!
She ate so much sand! Why am I not surprised???

Mason and Morgan playing in the water.

Victoria loved the sand! She was covered in it from head to toe. She just kept rolling around and getting as dirty as possible and eating as much as she could! You would think I never feed her (until you look at her thighs)!