Thursday, July 23, 2009

Family Reunion

When I was a kid I loved going to our family reunion! It was always in the mountains that my Great Grandpa Wilkinson owned. It was really fun to take my kids there so they could experience some of the activities I loved as a child!
Ellie and Victoria sharing some milk!
Mason looking for candy after the airplanes flew over and dropped it! I loved this as a kid... candy falling from the sky!
Ellie and Amber on the hunt for candy!

Victoria eating non-edibles (grass this time), like usual.
Brennan and Tori
Look at Mason's feet! Anything to make him go slower is good in his mind!
Kody and Colton. I thought they were all grown up, I was wrong!

Kody, what a cutie!

Mason and Ellie in the "train" ride. The driver was about 12!

Morgan, Brandi and Tori
Amber, Ellie, Lacey and Mason. Mason was decorating a pillow case. He copied the teenage girl next to him, including putting her name (Cory) and "I love soccer" on his! He even made sure he had the same amount of soccer balls in the same colors as Cory.

Tori loved the tire swing!