Wednesday, January 14, 2009

That's what he said, and other funnies

Last night as Jes and I were putting Mason to bed he stopped us and with the most inquisitive look on his face asked,"Hey, can we talk about belly buttons for a minute?" We tried, unsuccessfully to stifle our laughter, and said "sure, what do you want to talk about"? He said he didn't know, he just wanted to talk a little about belly buttons. So, we talked about how some people have an "innie" and some have an "outie". That seemed to satisfy him.

Today was swim class day. On the way there Mason fell asleep. I got him out of the car and tried to wake him up, without success. So, I sat him on the sidewalk. I figured he would wake up since he was sitting up. I turned to get Victoria out of the car, and when I turned back around Mason was laying on the sidewalk, in fetal position, fast asleep! It was quite hilarious!

This one was from a while ago, but too funny! Mason told Jes he wanted to watch T.V. Jes turned it on, and the first thing that came on was a commercial for a medicine for genital herpes. Mason looked at Jes and whined "NO! I don't want to watch genital herpes!!!".


Ali said...

What a hillarious little boy! I can't wait for that with my own kids!

Springer Family said...

What a funny kid! I love reading these quotes from Mason.

Ashlee said...

Thanks! It's good to know someone else thinks they are funny too! I wonder if I just think he's funny cause he's mine!

Meghan said...

i hope he is always so opposed to genital herpes... still love this addition to the blog.