Saturday, January 24, 2009

2009 Adventure #2 - Mighty Fine and Kiddie Acres

Burger and Fries!!!!! YUMM.

Here is the crazy seating! Sooo many people!!

Making the burgers...

Continuing our quest to explore Texas in 2009 (see posting Jan 11), we decided to travel a little North of Austin and try Mighty Fine Burgers and Shakes, a fast food restaurant that we'd heard a lot about (Braker and MOPAC). After that, we went to Kiddie Acres (Howard, just west of MOPAC).
It's been such a nice week (65-80 degrees), so we assumed we'd be okay... Nope. It barely was over 40 degrees all day. But we'd already told Mason about Kiddie Acres so our adventure number 2 was on!
First, Mighty Fine Burgers and Shakes was wonderful! We arrived to a line of probably 50 people, but it moved quick. If you don't mind sitting at crowded picnic tables, with a small selection of food, then this place is great! The burgers were EXCELLENT! Even Mason loved his hamburger. The shakes were made from Blue Bell ice cream. The fries were crinkle cut, made for potatoes right in the store. Anyway, without going on and on, it was worth the trip! We look forward to stopping there again soon!
Next, we ventured over to Kiddie Farms. It's probably a pretty fun place in reasonable temperatures...but riding rides when it's 40 degrees out was even too much for Mason. We lasted about 5 minutes and headed home. Plus, it was kind of expensive.

Adventure #2 was a wash.

Yeah...we were the only ones there...made for short lines!

Trying to fight off the cold so he could ride rides!