Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 Adventure #1 - Boggy Farm

Looking back at 5 years living in Arizona, we regret that we didn't explore more. Granted Jes was in school and Ashlee was running her salon, but we really never saw a lot of what Arizona had to offer. In an effort to avoid that, it's a goal of ours to explore a new area of Austin/Texas each month this year. We've saved newspaper clippings, articles, etc. on areas to explore.

This weekend was our 2009 adventure #1. Based on a newspaper article, we went to Boggy Farm, a local farm outside of Austin. The news article made it sound REALLY neat and interactive. It wasn't. First, it was cold, so standing in the fields looking at growing vegetables wasn't the funnest thing we could be doing. They had chickens and other farm stuff...but really...our house is surrounded by farms. In fact, we buy eggs from the ranch behind us and visit their chickens all the time. The vegetable selection wasn't that great since it's our adventure number 1 was pretty much a bust.

So we went to the childrens museum instead. Here's the two pictures we did manage to take at the farm.


Mandy Leavitt Politowicz said...

what a cute cute family! your house is so cute :) Looks like you guys love texas! We are really having fun in Az but who knows where the wind will blow us? You will have to let me know when u will have your bow business My baby girl is due in 9 days and she will need LOTS of bows!

Kasey said...

I love that goal. Keep posting your adventures. I would love some fresh ideas of places to go and see.