Friday, January 30, 2009

2009 Adventure #3 - D.L. Jardine's, Buda, TX

For two years, we've driven past D.L. Jardines, a ranch/production area in downtown Buda. We've seen the sign, but we've never ventured down the road to see what was there. we did and to our surprise, it was a cool little place!

It's a large area with an old graveyard, an old fashioned wagon, and fire pit.

Some of the old graves had fallen apart and were barely readable...

Here is Mason on the wagon.
It has a little store that sells spices, chili mixes, and other Texas style mix-in's, salsas, etc. We purchased the raspberry marinade for our first try... They have a few long-horns and other animals as well.
We were only there about 30 minutes or so...but it is worth stopping by if you are in Buda!
It's on main street in Buda, just East of downtown (old town Buda). They are also building a new Historic Park in that area, but we couldn't get in there since it's still under construction.


Katie said...

Way to go, Taylors! Way to get out there. I like learning about stuff to do around here, so thank you!

LACEY said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. The next time I am in Buda I will have to check it out. =)