Thursday, November 26, 2009

&%*#ing Christmas Lights...

Christmas Lights.
I considered not doing them this year. It's such a pain. I spend half a day trying to get them to work, at least half a day hanging them and another entire day taking them down a month later.
But alas, when I pulled out the Christmas decorations, I remembered we hit the after-Christmas clearance lights last year and completely restocked. So they were there and I started the process.

It started out okay...just a few tangles, broken bulbs, etc...then came the tree from hell. I really like this tree, but I never realized it was made of thorns. I sacrificed my arms for the cause. "See Mason, Dad can get cut to hell and not cry', I tell him. It was a good learning experience I guess.

Then came the fire ants. Not sure when I stepped in the pile but they got me. I'm pretty used to that...but it doesn't make it any more fun.

Then...the straw that broke the camel's back...

We have two large pedestals on our porch that have large pots on them. We thought it would be cute to take the pots down and replace them with lighted Christmas trees. Without thinking, I grabbed the first pot, adjusted for the weight, and tipped it back. Before I knew it, a LARGE amount of mud and water came from the top of the pot and dumped directly on my head. I put the pot down...walked to the door, stripped down my clothes and I was done.

Lights are half up tonight...looks pretty stupid. Not sure if I'll finish this year or not.

Observe the second pot still on the pedestal. Observe the mud on the ground the fell on my head.

This picture doesn't really show the mud, but the next one does...
It's mostly in my hair.

Happy Thanksgiving!


LACEY said...

Aww buck up Jes. Its all worth it when you get it done. Then you can sit back and be proud of the great job you did!