Monday, November 16, 2009

Rock and Roll Half Marathon - San Antonio

We spent the weekend in San Antonio so Jes could do the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. The final results were as follows:
Final time: 2:07:56
Overall place: 4,195 out of 20,021
Gender place: 2,567 out of 7,436
Pace: 9:46
5k: 26.59
10k: 53:45
15k: 1:25:28

Jes didn't make his goal time of under 2 hours; however, he is determined to do another one and get that goal time. Unfortunately, his legs began cramping around mile 9-10 and he really struggled the last few miles. Now that he knows the whole process (and that you are up for about 3 hours BEFORE the race even begins), he'll be more prepared for the next one!

Either way, it was really fun!

These pictures were of Jes around the 8 mile mark when we stopped to stretch and talk with us for a few minutes. It's hard to notice, but he has the name of his "sponsors" writen down his chest!

Jes sold to the highest bidder his miles for a donation to charity! He was able to raise $500.00 to give to the Austin Children's Center, a place that takes care of abused children. Thank you to the sponsors and here is your mile!
Don and Jessica Weaver - Mile 13 (Hardest mile)
HotSchedules - Mile 12
Dan and Kathy Scarbrough - Mile 11
Amber Carver and Family - Mile 10
Caden and Giana Cantu - Mile 9
Tim and Cheryl Strous - Mile 8
Ranee Bray - Mile 7
Jim Hinkle - Mile 6
The Green Family - Mile 5
Jeff and Vicki Springer - Mile 4
Wendy McVicker - Mile 3
Alyssa Barker - Mile 2
Grant Gadoci - Mile 1
Thank you for your donations!!!!!!