Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why Renting our Guest House is a Bad Idea!

Ever since we've lived here, we've rented our guest house. For the past year or so, it's been to a woman and her 14 year old daughter. She lost her job a while ago and we'd been working with her on rent, but as of last week, they moved out. They sent us an email the night before saying they couldn't pay anymore and left.

After they were gone, she emailed and said she planned to come back and clean and get the last of her stuff. 24 hours, Jes changed the locks and declared the property abandoned.

So...this is what we found and why renting is a bad idea sometimes!!!

A kitchen full of food, pots, pans, a crock pot, toaster, spices, etc...


Both toilets look like this...

At least they swept everything into a pile!

All food expired, All light and fans were on and water in both bathroom sinks was running. There was cat poop on the carpet, and a cardboard box full of it. The smell in the house is gag worthy.

On the positive side, we acquired a mini-trampoline (which we'll add to our kids Christmas presents), a fax machine, bike, shelf unit, lots of pots and pans, crock pot, some food, a coat, moldy clothing in the washer, toiletries, a litter box, garbage can, and scooter (among many little things). 90% will be given to GoodWill.
I guess the impact of the bad economy has finally hit us!


Jamie Martin said...

Oh, I'm so sorry...