Sunday, August 16, 2009

San Antonio Weekend Awards

Since our "major trip" this year was going back to Utah, we decided to take a quick weekend trip down to San Antonio and have some fun. San Antonio is only about an hour away from Austin, but we decided to stay the night and do as much as we could! Now that the trip is over, we've caught our breath, analyzed the data, and are proud to present the following awards:

Scariest Moment Award - This award goes to Ashlee for freaking out when the Ostrich (at the Wild Animal Park) attempted to stick its head in the sunroof and get some food. Mason ducked down in and they knocked the car into neutral so Jes wasn't able to drive away!

Runner-up award is us waiting for Mason the first time he went down the long tube slide all by himself. It's about 30 seconds of wondering how he'd come out, but it was great and he loved it!

Funniest Moment Award - This award goes to Mason for the following comment he made after his first solo-attempt going down the tube slide. (speaking to Jes) "That was fun. When I went around a big corner, I said 'oh crap!'".
Runner-up award is Mason running face first into a mirror in the Mirror Maze we did.

Worst Moment Aware - This goes to Tori for the blow-out diaper at the restuarant. Ashlee picked her up and handed her to Jes to change her and it was everywhere. It got all over Ashlee in the hand-off. Jes took her to the bathroom, stripped her down, and gave her a bath in the public restroom. Then he had to clean the restroom (partly because the threw the dirty diaper at the garbage can, missed, it hit the wall, and slid down the wall, leaving a trail of baby poop). Luckily we were on the River Walk, not far from the mall where Tori and Ashlee could buy new outfits.

Runner-up award is Jes and Mason trying to get tubes at SeaWorld for the tube ride. They had to wait about 30 minutes for a spare tube, then find Mason a life-jacket, then they burned their feet BAD while waiting in line. Mason was in tears and Jes had to leave the line to come get their shoes. After that, the tube rides were great!

Best Moment Award - This one is hard to choose. We went to the Wild Animal Park where we saw many animals from the comfort of our car, plus had a petty zoo (a requirement for any Texas event).

After that, we went to the water park at Sea World which was a BLAST! There is a wave pool, slides, a water fun house, etc! We spent hours there!

After Sea World, we were all beat, so we went to the hotel to rest and clean-up. At our hotel though, there were a huge playground and pool right outside our room which the kids couldn't pass up! So after more playing, we made our way downtown to the River Walk and had dinner.

The second day we spent the morning at the hotel because the playground and swimming was so much fun. After that, we went downtown again and did the Mirror Maze right outside the River Walk. We ate (included blow-out incident) and then we went to the Tower of America's.

It was a fast trip with lots going on, but we all had a blast and it was well worth it! We LOVE San Antonio. And we totally recommend that hotel!

Here are some other random pictures!


Elise and Lane said...

How fun! I got your blog address off of your facebook- you'll have to check out ours because we just went to the wildlife ranch too- same thing with those dang ostriches!

LACEY said...

Wow Ash! Looks like you had a ton of fun. I wish there was fun stuff like that here in Utah. My in-laws left yesterday for San Antonio they are spending a week down there!

BranComb said...

Wow! you are a WAYYYY better blogger than I! sounds like a fun trip!

Wendy said...

Sounds like ya'll had a ton of fun! I give my hats off to ya'll for doing that in such a short amount of time and the award for best sport goes to....Ashlee for doing all of that and pregnant too!

starstruck_texan said...

Glad to get your review of San Antonio....I am going next week for my birthday. I am really excited about the mirror maze.

Jamie Martin said...

Amen, Wendy. Thanks for the post, Ash. Loved the pictures.