Sunday, August 30, 2009

Congressman Doggett Town Hall

Saturday, we attempted to attend a town hall meeting sponsored by our Congressman in Austin. The last one made national news because the reaction of the crowd was unexpected. (see for video).
His reaction to the anger in the crowd was simply that it was organized and wasn't his constituents. So, as his constituents, we decided to attend this one and make sure he's aware we DO NOT support this current health plan overhall.

Well, when we got there, it was extremely crowded with mostly supporters. They didn't start on time and came out to annouce "more than 3 times the amount of people have shown up then we expected so we're trying to make adjustments". To which Jes yelled back, "that sounds just like government". Everyone turned and looked at him we made our way to the protesters. At some point we saw some heated arguements, but it was seperated by the police. It was a good learning experience for Mason.

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