Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of school

Mason started preschool today! He was so excited! Our conversation went a little like this:

Mason: Mom, are you just going to drop me off?
Mom: Yes, I will walk you to your class and then me and Tori will go back home.
Mason: I don't need you to walk me to class. I can see it! I will be fine! Just drop me off here.
Mom: No, I have to walk you into your classroom.
Mason: No you don't! I can see it! I will just walk by myself!
Mom: No, I will walk you to your class.
Mason: Ok, but then you have to leave!

No hug goodbye or anything! You wait for school to start all summer long, and then your sad when it does!

Victoria wanted her picture taken too. She kept walking in front of the camera saying "CHEESE!!!"