Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kids Intuition and Thankful

You've heard of mother's intuition right? Well, I believe that kids have intuition as well. It seems that they can find some of the most inappropriate things to say at the most opportune time. I'm not just talking about pointing out the obvious (as Mason loudly commented about the lady in front of us with a "big butt"). (she did have a big butt...) anyway...

I'm talking about something totally out of the blue.

Recently, we've started getting involved with a non-profit organization called Foundation for the Homeless. It's a program that takes homeless families and allows them to live in homes (as a large group) while they get their feet under themselves. They are required to have jobs and attend school, etc., and they need people to bring them dinner and socialize with them. We were attracted to this service because we could volunteer as a family. So, Monday night, we brought dinner to these families and spent time with them.

Mason had a blast! He was able to play with all these kids and he made a few friends. But then....
While eating dinner, Jes overheard Mason ask his new friend, "where's your house?". Now, this isn't uncommon for Mason to ask his friends this, so Jes quickly said, "this is their house, now eat your dinner.". The subject was dropped. was time to leave and Mason was enthusiastically running around saying goodbye to everyone. But instead of his usual, "Goodbye". For SOME UNKNOWN REASON, he had to add, "Goodbye, I'm going to my house now". And he said it over and over and over....

I doubt anyone noticed other than us, but why would he say that?!?!?!? Kid's intuition.

Given it's the week of Thanksgiving, having had this opportunity really reminded us that we have A LOT to be thankful for. Traffic, broken Christmas lights, burned dinner, etc. just don't seem that bad when you realize all the stuff that's GOOD about your life compared to others who are less fortunate.