Monday, December 1, 2008

San Antonio Boat Parade

The Friday after Thanksgiving, we drove to San Antonio to see the light parade on the riverwalk! Luckily we had reserved seats as there were SOOOO many people and half of San Antonio seemed to be shut down. Luckily we went early and went to the Children's museum (so we missed the traffic). We were going to eat on the river and watch the show, but since you couldn't get anywhere without a ticket (and ours were at will-call), we had to walk a few blocks to get our tickets. I held Tori and Jes had Mason on his shoulders. We finally got our tickets, but by then, it was too crazy to get anything to eat. Mason had to go potty, so Jes took him to find a porta-potty (Masons first experience) and they ended up getting gettingMcDonalds while I fed the baby on the river. Poor Jes was trying to wade through all these people with Mason on his shoulders and holding all of our food, and he dropped my Dr. Pepper! It went everyone and Jes was getting really mad, but he said it was hard to get too upset as he dealt with the crowd because Mason was on his shoulders singing "Old McDonald" as loud as he could. After dropping off the food, Jes was nice enough to go BACK to McDonalds and get me a drink. He said the line was out the door, so he walked up to the first person in line, gave them $3.00 and said, "keep the change, just get me a drink". They did.
The parade was a lot of fun!