Monday, November 10, 2008

Circus Weekend!

We went to the circus this weekend! Mason was excited for days! He wouldn't stop talking about it...and then we arrived. I guess it could have been worse, but it definitly doesn't rank in the top 10 of our family events. In fact, for weekend family events, our trip to Costco may have been more exciting (they were giving away Cheesecake samples!!).
Anyway, since Mason probably had the most fun, we'll tell the story from his point of view.

"Wow. What a BIG building", I say. Where are we? I heard Mama saying something about East Austin and us getting shot. She's funny..."silly mama", I giggle. Wow, Daddy found great seats, close to the floor! How come they are all looking the other way?!? Oh well, I just want to see the Elephants! Oh, I think it's starting! WOW!! I love the lights zooming all over! Daddy's trying to tell me to look at the tigers, but man, these lights are cool. Maybe Daddy will setup something like this in my room? Oh, there ARE tigers doing tricks. Man those tigers are...HEY, SNOWCONES! Daddy, can I have a snowcone?!?!?!? PLEASE?!? Sweet, he's motioning to the guy. DANG, he didn't see him. Were did the Tigers go? What are those weird dressed up people doing? Hmm...Daddy told Mama that a clown had the name "Mr. Sleezy" on his vest. Not sure what that means... "HEY, it's ELEPHANTS! (makes elephant noise)", I yell. Wow, that elephant is neat...I sure like ele...SNOWCONE GUY!!! Daddy got me one. YEAH! Opps...I dumped half on daddy. He looks a little mad. Oh well. "Sorry Daddy". Wow, check out this cool straw/spoon. Opps. I dumped half of it on me. Daddy is looking very frustrated. He's pointing at things on the stage, but I must focus...this snowcone is tricky. WHOA! What did my chair just do?!? It tried to eat me like a Venus Fly Trap!!! And I dumped half my snow cone again! "Stupid chair...", I say.
(20 minutes pass)...
This snowcone is good. Mama left with baby Tori when she was crying and Daddy seems mad that I'm not watching the Circus.
Half time. Done with my snowcone. Playing with chairs. Second half starting. Wow, more elephants. I'm tired now. Maybe I'll just snuggle up with Daddy (who smells like cherry) and watch the rest. BOOM!!! WOW! "They just shot a man out of that cannon!", I yell. "I want to do that!!!!", I tell Daddy.
What?!? It's time to go already? I didn't even get to see any of it. Mama seems mad, something about sick baby and she has a headache. Hmm...well, that was fun! "Can we go to the Circus again tomorrow?"