Sunday, August 3, 2008

Toilet trouble

The other day I called Jes and told him we had a small problem... I had just caught Mason playing in the toilet and he had flushed some toys down it! Mason told me the letter '"O" and a car had gone down the hole. When Jes got home he was able to get the car out, but the "O" was nowhere in sight. The toilet however was still clogged. Mason said that he had only flushed the "O" (which was small so I assume it is now in our septic tank) and the car, but we knew there must be something else in there. After several plunging attempts and snaking Jes was forced to take the whole dang thing apart! He didn't have time to do this right away, so the toilet sat plugged for a few days. It wouldn't have been a big deal but I didn't lock the door to the bathroom and Mason (being a good boy) went potty by himself... in that toilet! So, then it was clogged with a toy, AND poop! Once the toilet was off, Jes still had to work for about 30 minutes to dislodge the suspect, but he was finally successful! Poor Jes! I am glad I am the Mom and don't have to do that yucky stuff!!!


The Conrads said...

Now that is funny. What is this obsession that kids have with toilets? Porter loves to flush the toilet, thankfully he has never put anything in there - that I know of anyway!

LaNan said...

Ick! Way to go Jes. I could not have done it.

Wendy said...

nice! my favorite part is that jess is holding the clogged toy with his bare hands---that's a man for you!