Saturday, August 23, 2008

South Padre Island!!!

We made it to the beach! Our hotel was right on the beach which made it very easy to spend all our time there! We did some boogy boarding (but never took any pictures of it!), played in the sand, and played in the water. We even played frisbee as a family for a long time! The beach is so beautiful and it goes on and on and you can walk really far out without getting too deep. The city was really fun too. It still had some noticable damage from Hurricane Dolly, but not too bad.
Every Friday night they have fireworks from the harbor which we all enjoyed!

Here is Tory enjoying her time on the beach!

She spent most of her time sleeping...

Mason enjoyed playing in the water and splashing with the waves. He got knocked over by a few big waves though and then he was a little more scared to go out further without his Mom or Dad.

We spent a LOT of time building sandcastles, writing in the sand, burying each other, and many other sand games!

Mason laughing at himself...

Jes and Mason making a sandcastle...Jes never got very far before Mason would smash it and laugh. It was starting to make Jes frustrated...

Here is Jes and Mason walking out the play in the bigger waves!

On Friday, we took a long walk down the beach searching for "Treasure". We found a lot of "trash", but these were the items that Mason deemed as treasure and Jes had to haul with him. It pretty much consisted of broken shovels (which Mason thought were "keys"), a "Walk with Jesus" necklace, a beer bottle lid, shells, broken toy parts, and a few sticks. Thanks to Daddy for carrying all this stuff while we walked! At least we did our part to clean up the beaches!